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Stanton Candidate Kevin Carr Stanton Candidate Kevin Carr   Stanton Candidate Kevin Carr
It appears that our City Council won't stop asking for us to pay more in taxes. This is our chance to send a message to our city leaders to let them know that we have been taxed enough already! We need to elect Kevin Carr to Stanton City Council!

Kevin Carr's Accomplishments:
  • Fighting the 2014 Stanton Sales Tax increase
  • Defeated the 2012 Stanton Utility tax increase
  • Worked against the 2001 Stanton Utility Tax
  • Worked on the successful defeat of the 1997 Stanton parcel tax
  • Saving Stanton Residents more of their own money

When Elected Kevin Carr Will:
  • Work to remove the Stanton Tax on cellphones, home phones, water, electricity and other utilities
  • Vote to fully fund Police and Fire Services
  • Work to restore employment and business opportunities

Let's elect Kevin Carr to Stanton City Council!



Don’t be misled! We have to stop City Hall from raising our taxes again! Here are the real facts about the proposed sales tax increase:

  • This tax will be collected at the gas pump every time you fill up!
  • It will not guarantee an increase in public safety services. This is a general tax that goes into the general fund.
  • It won't even guarantee that our safety services will even remain the same!
  • It can be used for paying for outrageous salaries, benefit packages, increases in pension benefits, excessive overtime, etc.
  • Our city leaders can already fund our safety service needs 100% any time they want to. They have money in reserves and don’t need this tax increase to do it!
  • This tax would hurt working families, the poor and the elderly on fixed incomes every time they shop in Stanton.
  • A sales tax increase creates higher prices, hurts businesses and employment opportunities.
  • We already voted down the huge tax increase just two years ago.
  • We already pay too many local taxes and fees on our cellphones, water, electricity, land line phones, protective services, lighting/landscaping, sewer and other utility taxes!

Now is your chance! “SOS” Save our Stanton from unnecessary tax increases!

P.S. We need a tax decrease not an increase! Vote NO on this sales tax increase!

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